2011 Woodland Employment in 2011

A hurdle maker works from blocks of woodland of 7-10 acres and uses about 3 acres a year. Blocks are fenced to avoid damage by fallow deer who roam in groups of 20-30, roe deer in 1s and 2s are less of a problem. Hurdles of 6ft.cost £32 about 4 times the 1986 price. Hurdles are mainly made for garden purposes now and need to be perfect. Those used for sheep fencing in the past could be slightly flawed. There are less hurdle makers now but enough for the demand. Don our hurdle maker can make 2 x 6ft. hurdles a day but needs to make stakes for hedge-laying, faggots for retaining river banks etc. to make a living. Don was trained 25years ago by Charlie. He uses a 4 x 4 vehicle and needs a mobile phone while working in the woods for Health and Safety reasons. His hook, given by Charlie, is more valuable to him than his chainsaw. He lives in a 1 and a half bedroom cottage with no landline, a garden with partridges, rabbits and pheasants around and loves his life in the outdoors and heard the cuckoo this morning!


Map of the area

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