The B3078 carries heavy holiday       
 traffic through the area which is part
 of the Shaftesbury Estate with a third
 deciduous woodland and two-thirds     
 cultivated farmland. Coldharbour      
 Cottages No. 1 is a rented estate     
 cottage which houses a young couple.  
 The husband works outside the Estate, 
 the wife stays at home. There is a    
 telephone, car, television, freezer.  
 Coldharbour Cottages No. 2 is a tied  
 cottage housing a family. Children    
 attend local schools & have pets.     
 Shopping local & at Verwood. Doctors  
 at Cranborne & Verwood. An elderly    
 lady lives at The Lodge with no       
 telephone or freezer, but a dog. Takes
 local bus to Wimborne for shopping.   
 She has radio but no TV & does        
 rugmaking as a hobby. Collects pension
 from Wimborne St. Giles (3 miles away)
 & attends Church in next village.     

Map of the area

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