1986 A Forest Ranger.

    We interviewed a Forest Ranger who 
told us about his work.                
    His main job is to control and care
for the wildlife in the Forestry       
Commission plantations. He also gives  
lectures to schools and interested     
groups on care of the forests.         
    Some months are very busy. In June 
fallow deer fawns are born and have to 
be weighed and tagged. This year this  
involved some 200 animals. In August   
there has to be a cull of bucks, and in
November, of does.                     
    Grey squirrels also have to be     
controlled because of the damage they  
do to the buds and bark of pine trees. 
Traps have to be baited, set and       
examined daily. Any red squirrels      
caught are released.                   
    Another regular job is the checking
of ground nesting sites, and of bat    
boxes where bats roost and nest.       

Map of the area

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