1986 A Typical Day

Friday in the morning, mom has to come 
up stairs to wake me. I have a stretch 
and yawn, then I go downstairs in my   
night shirt and have my breakfast. I   
have Weetabix crunched up and a cup    
of tea. Then I go to the toilet, get   
dressed and put deodourant on. I       
open the curtains and go into the      
bathroom where I brush my teeth and    
have a wash.  After that I go back     
into  my bedroom, put my earrings in   
and put my shoes on. I go down stairs, 
get my bag, sandwiches and pop, pick up
my busfare and set off to catch the    
bus to school. I watch the telly for   
a bit, then I call for my mates and    
play  cricket. When the chip van       
comes we have  to get the money off    
mom for the chips  and eat them in the 
house. After we have had our chips we  
have thirty pence for sweets and pop,  
then at nine o clock I go to bed.      

Map of the area

What is Domesday?

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