1986 Impressions of school

I've been at West Hill Juniors for     
nearly four years now and will be      
moving to Blake Comprehensive in       
September. I wonder if I'll like it    
there? The children at West Hill are   
very happy and I have many friends. The
teachers are kind and helpful but      
sometimes tell you off. I'm in the     
school football team and we've played  
12 matches this season. We've won 6,   
drawn 2 and lost 4. I've not missed a  
match. At the moment we are rehearsing 
a play for the School Concert about a  
computer which  takes you forward and  
back in time. Me and Stephanie are     
doing a rock and roll dance from the   
1950's. Some of my friends are learning
the Charelston. Music is very active   
in our school and the choir and        
musicians  perform many concerts and   
services, especially at Christmas,     
Easter,Mothers Day and Harvest.        

Map of the area

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