1986 Patterns of Work

My dad is in the RAF at High Wycombe.  
He drives wagons and works in the      
office. My mum used to be in the RAF as
well. She used to work in an air       
control tower, she can still tell how  
far away a plane is. She had to stop   
work because she was expecting me.     
My mother is employed, but it is only  
part-time at a club. She starts work   
at about 0830 and finishes at 0945. My 
dad has been out of work for about     
three years, in that time he has had a 
few temporary jobs, but he is still    
My dad works for a building firm, he is
a project supervisor, but he used to be
a brick layer. My brother used to work 
at Stanton's but now he is at college. 
When he comes back my Uncle Robert will
get him a job at TNT.                  
My big brother works as a joiner. He   
gets ninety pounds a week.             

Map of the area

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