1986 Crime_ Magistrates

  I have been a magistrate for four    
 years. I go to Walsall  Court. I      
 haven't always wanted to be a         
 magistrate. I don't get paid. If      
 people think yoi will make a good     
 magistrate they send your name to the 
 Lord Chancellor who invites you to    
 become a magistrate. I don't wear a   
 wig. I go to court once every two     
 weeks. I sometimes hear 40 cases in   
 one morning or one a day. I sit on a  
 bench which is really a chair behind a
 table. Usually I work from ten a.m.   
 until one p.m.I've handled every sort 
 of crime including one murder. Three  
 months in jail is the longest sentence
 I've given. I hope criminals feel they
 will get a fair hearing. My job is    
 very interesting. Crime is getting    
 worse especially among young people. I
 like making the streets safer.        

Map of the area

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