1986 Canal and Motorway

The Staffordshire and Worcestershire   
canal in Penkridge is very popular for 
holidays and we get tourists from all  
over the country. There are several    
public houses along the stretch of     
canal. The stretch also contains some  
interesting locks and bridges. The     
wharf is now used for leisure craft.   
At Bijou line you can hire boats for a 
holiday. To hire a medium sized boat   
for a week will set you back 400 pounds
but it would be a very enjoyable week  
as you can go as far as Carlisle or    
Exeter from Penkridge.                 
The M6 motorway was built about 20     
years ago. The motorway runs through   
a stretch where there is a large area  
of field which could be used for all   
sorts of recreation.                   

Map of the area

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