1986 First and High Schools

Wolgarston High School is a            
comprehensive school with over 60 staff
and over 900 pupils in a 3 block       
building. It draws pupils from 3 middle
schools in a 10 mile radius. The school
has a wide range of facilities:        
swimming pool, extensive playing fields
sports and technical equipment.        
The third year offers RE, PE, Maths,   
English, music, art, needlework or     
technical drawing and a second         
language. The fourth and fifth year    
course consists of subjects leading to 
exams. The school day begins at 9am    
containing 8 35 min. periods and 40    
min. for lunch. There is registration  
at the beginning and end of each day.  
There are 3 first schools, one is open 
plan and another is an old established 
school. They now take children under   
five and prepare them for the middle   

Map of the area

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