1986 Penkridge Middle School

Penkridge Middle School is a new school
which was built in 1978 .It has 4      
different years and about 30 different 
teachers. It has many different sports 
facilities for football, rugby, cricket
hockey and rounders. It also has a     
running track and places for field     
events .There are many different clubs 
which take place at dinner time and    
home time .For each year you can go to 
places of interest and to do with the  
year's topic. In the first year you    
aren't put into groups for subjects    
but as you progress through the school 
you are put into ability groups. You   
go into groups for craft: woodwork,    
pottery, painting, cookery and sewing. 
You have 4 lessons of sport, games and 
PE. We also have an assembly twice a   

Map of the area

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