1986 The Cattle Market

The Cattle Market in Penkridge is      
situated in the main market. The Market
sells pigs, goats and sheep but cattle 
is its main priority. The cattle sold  
there can be brought from anything     
from 5 to 500 pounds. About two hundred
cattle go through the market a week.   
About one hundred of those are beef    
cattle (or fat cattle sold for meat)   
and about one hundred are stock cattle.
Luck money may be placed on a cow or   
calf to help it sell for a better      
price. The auction place where the cows
are sold is a lot bigger than the place
where the calves are sold. The pens in 
which the cattle are kept before being 
sold are visible so that you can get an
idea of which animal you want.         

Map of the area

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