Few people live in this block. The 
 POPULATION is probably about 300. Many
 people in Avening think there is a    
 lack of  EMPLOYMENT. Most people      
 travel to get their shopping, the     
 most popular places being Stroud and  
 Cirencester. People at work do not use
 very big machinery. They use things   
 like scales , bacon slicers, bread    
 ovens, tills and refrigerators. Some  
 of the bigger places of work use      
 computors, sound recording machines,  
 word processors, page make_up         
 machines for publishing and other     
 electrical instruments. One builder   
 uses disk cutters and cement mixers.  
 Almost everywhere people said they    
 enjoyed their work. On average the    
 people interviewed had lived in the   
 area for about 22 years. Many people  
 said the air around them is very good 
 for  HEALTH .                         

Map of the area

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