FARMING in this area is mostly     
 devoted to  CROPS, mainly wheat and   
 barley. There is also a bit of sown   
 grass and a tiny bit of rough grass.  
   The sown grass is used for silage   
 and hay.There are beef cattle, but not
 many sheep. A FARMER from Pimbury     
 Farm was ploughing a field when he was
 interviewed. He said his field was    
 going to be "turned into mustard".    
 Pimbury Farm is 630 acres. Seeds for  
 Pimbury Farm come from Melksham and   
 Southerop. The large fields in this   
 area often have no hedges, where      
 fields have been joined to make a     
 larger unit.                          
   With large open of fields grain     
 crops predominating, the rural        
 LANDSCAPE is flat or gently undulating
 and the occasional barn or copse      
 breaks the monotony of the scene.     

Map of the area

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