Whilst most of the  HOUSING in and    
 around Avening is of the traditional  
 Cotswold type, a large number of      
 modern  BUILDINGS are a feature of the
 LANDSCAPE. The modern buildings are   
 all buff coloured, some are built     
 in brick, others in imitation stone.  
 Some local people think that the      
 imitation stone buildings do not fit  
 in with the surroundings. Others have 
 mentioned that these modern houses are
 built too close together.             
 On the plateau the only modern        
 buildings seen are two semi-detached  
 FARM cottages and one or two barns    
 built in concrete blocks with         
 corrugated rooves and grain silos on  
 their "launch pads"! The Parish       
 Council believes that there will be   
 more modern brick houses in the future
 as building costs are stopping the use
 of traditional materials.             

Map of the area

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