There are two types of LANDSCAPE   
 and scenery:_                         
 Avening is in a VALLEY: This area is  
 fairly built up and there is a lot  of
 HOUSING. There are a fair number of   
 trees mainly in gardens. Along the    
 northen edge of the block runs the    
 attractive Avon Brook, once the site  
 of flour and woollen mills, which are 
 now derelict or have vanished.        
    But the scenery and landscape is   
 very different when one walks onto the
 PLATEAU: This is very flat and mainly 
 used for FARMING. Here there is not   
 much housing, just farm houses and a  
 few derelict buildings. Many villagers
 feel that the quarry at the top of    
 Tetbury Hill, now used as a rubbish   
 tip, is ruining the landscape and also
 the views they have of the two housing

Map of the area

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