Pill Boxes were built by the ARMED    
 FORCES in the Second World WAR. Some  
 were used for COMMUNICATIONS where    
 there would be a radio-link between   
 boxes for defending the village from  
 enemy attack.                         
    In our block there are about four  
 Pill Boxes. All of the Pill Boxes     
 have good views over the LANDSCAPE in 
 order to see if the enemy were        
    In each Pill Box there was one     
 officer-in-charge to keep order. Two  
 of the Pill Boxes are in Star         
 Lane.They are not used any more except
 by farmers for storage and some have  
 been blocked up for safety.           
    Their interest is mainly historical
 as they formed part of our country's  
 defences. They are however, a feature 
 of the landscape.                     

Map of the area

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