The INDUSTRY in this area is very     
 limited. There are two home-based     
 industries using "High Technology", a 
 small "Craft" industry and a bakery.  
 There are also four SERVICE           
 industries: an electricity transformer
 station, a home based dairy, a haulage
 firm and a hairdresser's salon. One   
 home based industry grew from a one   
 man firm :"David Playne Design". This 
 single premise now employs 15 people  
 and has split into two companies which
 deal with design for advertising and  
 also publishing. They TRADE with other
 European countries. The other         
 home-based "Hi-Tech" industry is      
 "Westwood Sound", a commercial sound  
 recording studios currently making    
 sound track to accompany popular      
 children's stories.They EMPLOY 6      
 people. The dairy and bakery serve    
 local homes and employ 5 people.      

Map of the area

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