This part of the disc contains     
 information about people and places in
 and around  Avening, a small village  
 in Gloucestershire. The  POPULATION of
 Avening is about 1500. But the        
 block contains mainly fields and      
 farmland. The information we gathered 
 goes from beliefs to sport and from   
 farming to military defence!          
    There are some good and some bad   
 points about the places in the block. 
 Some pieces of writing are brief      
 because we couldn't find enough space 
 to put everything in that we wanted to
    We gathered some memories of times 
 past, we talked to some older PEOPLE  
 in the  VILLAGE, many of whom have    
 lived here all their lives and we     
 learned some interesting points about 
 what the village was like and how it  
 has changed over the years.           

Map of the area

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