Monkton House is made of stone.  The
 house has quite small windows because 
 it was hard to get large panes of     
 glass when it was built.  There is a  
 lot of garden and the river Avon goes 
 past the bottom of it.  There is a    
 landing stage for people with canoes. 
 The house is owned by Lady Coote.  She
 owns 5 acres of land.  When she dies  
 Sir Christopher Coote will own it all.
   In a field near the house there is a
 pack horse bridge which has 4 arches. 
 It is also made of stone.  It is just 
 wide enough for one horse to cross.   
 In the middle it is quite steep.  The 
 bridge is very old.                   

Map of the area

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