1986 Bury Lido

  The lido, off Milner Ave. was opened 
 to the public in 1968. It was         
 intended to provide enjoyment for all 
 ages to be used for boating, and      
 swimming. Unfortunately the people of 
 Bury did not look after the ammenity  
 and it fell into disrepair and was    
 eventually drained.                   
 Howvever in the last few years efforts
 have been made to restore it. Swimming
 is no longer allowed. Jason in our    
 class says his brother put 5 small    
 goldfish into the lido and they have  
 now grown to between 20 & 30          
 centimetres long.                     
 My mum will not let me play round the 
 lido because she says there are too   
 many teenagers about.                 

Map of the area

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