Stand All Saints Church has a most    
 interesting history. The building     
 started in 1822 using part of the     
 million pounds set aside for the      
 errection of churches by the          
 government to give thanks for victory 
 over Napoleon. The churches length is 
 50m and breadth 25.5m whilst the      
 height of its square tower is 50m. The
 tower forms a landmark for many miles 
 From the tower, you can see many roads
 coming towards Whitefield from great  
 distances. The church stands on one   
 of the highest spots in this part of  
 the county, on a hill over 114m above 
 sea level. Looking south west the     
 River Mersey and Cheshire Plain can be
 seen, to the north east the Pennines  
 and Blackstone Edge.                  

Map of the area

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