Padiham power station has two 120 MW
 generating units, one fired by coal & 
 one by oil. Due to high running costs 
 the oil fired unit is in reserve &    
 unlikely to be used. The coal fired   
 unit is amongst the most efficient of 
 its type in Britain. Between 6000 &   
 7000 tonnes of coal are delivered &   
 burnt each week.                      
   A unique feature is that most of the
 ash in the coal is extracted as a     
 continuously flowing molten stream    
 which falls into water tanks where it 
 is quenched & carried away to storage 
 bunkers awaiting sale for use mainly  
 in grit blasting processes.           
   Each of the two 91 m cooling towers 
 can handle 4400 l of water per second.
   The station staff consists of about 
 165 people. 60 of these work a shift  
 system covering 24 hours a day, 365   
 days a year.                          

Map of the area

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