1986 Farming,Hill Farm,Frocester,

  The Farm was purchased by the Holpin 
 family in 1968 and is run by Mr.& Mrs.
 D.Holpin who have three children.The  
 farm is 264 acres growing Winter Wheat
 Stubble Turnips and grass for grazing,
 Silage or Hay.The land is at 250-800ft
  A Collie Sheepdog,called "Tess" works
 the 140 Ewes and 170 lambs. Three men 
 work on the Farm-one is a student.    
  A herd of 80 Dairy Freisian Cows are 
 milked in a  Herring-Bone Parlour. The
 Refrigerated Bulk Milk Tank holds 440 
 gallons.The milk is collected daily by
 tanker & taken to Stonehouse Creamery.
  Buildings include Lambing Shed,Silage
 Clamps,Covered Yards,Cow Cubicles,Hay/
 Straw Barn and Slurry Tank.There was  
 machinery for most farm jobs.         
  Calves are reared for Beef or Dairy  
 replacements and some are grazed at   
 Berkeley.Beef and Lamb is sold through
 a Family Butcher's Shop in Berkeley.  

Map of the area

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