1986 Up Knowle West

  The redbrick Knowle West council     
 estate was built in 1934 on a hill on 
 the outskirts of Bristol to rehouse   
 those whose homes in inner Bristol    
 were demolished as part of the slum   
 clearance policy. Families came from  
 Barton Hill, Bedminster, Old Market   
 and Redcliffe. An amalgam of poor folk
 uprouted from familiar overcrowded    
 streets came together in strange      
 surroundings. There was more space,   
 but the place appeared cold and       
 anonymous somewhere out in the        
 suburbs. In the years of poverty and  
 suffering that followed all were drawn
 together to become what is today a    
 deeply knit cheerful community of     
 unmistakeable character. Fifth        
 generation Knowle Westers now enjoy   
 most modern amenities, but they are   
 Knowle Westers first, Bristolians     

Map of the area

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