The library in Cheddar was started    
 during the last war by a man named    
 Mr.J.J.Tyson who was headmaster of the
 Primary School at that time.The home  
 of Cheddar library was the Parish Hall
 until it was moved to its present home
 next to Brice's shop in Union Street  
 in 1975.The library has about 9250    
 books and is divided into three       
 sections,fiction,non fiction and there
 is a very good children's area.       
 Each person is allowed to borrow up to
 six books for a month.If they are not 
 returned on time you have to pay 10p a
 day fine.The library is open on Monday
 Wednesday,Friday and on Saturday      
 It is also the TOURIST INFORMATION    

Map of the area

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