The farm is situated on the Cheddar   
 road just outside Axbridge.The        
 mushrooms are grown in special houses 
 made of asbestos with insulation      
 sheets. Approximately 500 boxes of    
 4 pounds in weight are picked every   
 day. A special compost and peat earth 
 is used to grow them in. They are     
 picked every day apart from Sunday and
 then taken to market by lorry. After  
 picking the compost is changed and    
 taken to Draycott to be sold. New     
 compost comes in from Fairford three  
 loads a week and one load of moss peat
 every month. The mushrooms are sold at
 the farm and buyers from Cardiff      
 Birmingham and Bristol have them      
 transported to these centres. There   
 are sixteen growing houses and more   
 planned. The farm employs about 80    
 people men and women. The women pick  
 the mushrooms and pack them.          

Map of the area

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