The Gorge is made from a core of hard 
 red sandstone and is covered with     
 limestone. The limestone is full of   
 tiny gaps which over millions of years
 have been made bigger by water. This  
 is how Cheddar caves were formed.     
 Cheddar Gorge is one of the most      
 famous landmarks in England. Its      
 cliffs look spectacular as they reach 
 up. The top is covered with grass and 
 a few dotted trees that get denser as 
 the gorge slopes to ground level.The  
 shops start at the top of the gorge   
 with those that surround Gough's      
 cave. They continue all down the road 
 and sell about the same products.The  
 river Yeo pops up from underground and
 separates the bottom part of the gorge
 with its cafes restaurants and        
 aquarium and a garage.                

Map of the area

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