1986 Cupar Playground Games

 Games played during school            
 recreational time vary according to   
 the ages of the children involved.    
 Secondary pupils, those between 12 &  
 18, spend their morning break chatting
 & catching up on any news. Their lunch
 break is spent similarly although many
 wander round the streets of Cupar. In 
 general these pupils regard themselves
 as too old for playground games.      
  In contrast, primary children, those 
 aged 8_11 spend more time playing     
 during their break times. At these    
 ages girls and boys play separately.  
 Amongst girls skipping is popular, and
 with boys,football is the favourite.  
 Occasionally boys and girls join      
 together for such games as "Brittish  
 Bulldog" and "Tig". The game of       
 "Hop_Scotch" is not popular.Girls take
 dolls;boys, toy cars.There are no     
 specific seasonal activities.         

Map of the area

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