1986 Cupar Playground Games

 Infant children i.e. those aged 5_7   
 enjoy playing such games as "Wolves" a
 similar game to tig. The girls play   
 skipping ,the boys enjoy "pretend"    
 fighting during their school          
 recreation time. At this age boys and 
 girls will play together and much time
 is spent playing imaginary games      
 prompted by the previous night's      
 television, or books they have been   
 reading. Sometimes toys are brought to
 school and the children put less      
 emphasis on specific games, preferring
 to make up games on the spur of the   
  Nursery or pre_school children are   
 always supervised and their playground
 activites revolve around equipment    
 such as climbing frames and swings. In
 good weather many enjoy playing on the
 grass. In both the infant and nursery 
 groups there are no seasonal changes. 

Map of the area

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