1986 Cupar Housing

 The Age of Houses in Cupar _ Housing  
 in Cupar can be classified into three 
 sections :- 1.Houses built before 1850
 (mostly near the town centre, placed  
 in and around the C.B.D.).            
 2.Houses built between 1850 and the   
 Second World War 1939.                
 3.Houses built since 1945 (includes   
 the new housing estates)              
  Housing in the C.B.D. consists mostly
 of flats (above shops) and terraced   
 buildings.The buildings around the    
 C.B.D. are mainly from Victorian and  
 Edwardian times.On the edge of Cupar  
 lie the post-war developments; both   
 private and council housing estates.  
  In the council estates the houses    
 range from semi-detatched or prefabs  
 from the 1940's to the more modern    
 estates with four storey house blocks 
 from the 1960's and 1970's.           

Map of the area

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