1986 The Arts in Cupar

 Cupar has seen in recent years a      
 large increase in the number of       
 societies relating to the Arts. It has
 a reasonably large hall, the Corn     
 Exchange, which plays host to many    
 different regional & national groups. 
  One of the foremost local bodies is  
 the Cupar Choral Society who at their 
 recent concert gave a splendid        
 performance of Handle's "Israel in    
 Egypt". Other groups include Cupar    
 Amateur Operatic Company, an Accordian
 & Fiddle Club , an Art Club, a Camera 
 Club & various dramatic groups.       
  Bell Baxter High School is rich in   
 musical talent & is well represented  
 in the various regional orchestras &  
  A large percentage of the Cupar      
 population is in some way involved in 
 the Arts.                             

Map of the area

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