At St. John's Primary School we       
 decided to make up a questionnaire on 
 different hobbies and recreational    
 interests and pass it on to all the   
 pupils in the classes from P3 to P7.  
 The children had to specify their 3   
 favourite hobbies or pastimes and     
 give reasons for their choices.       
  Here is the St. John's Top Ten:      
  1. Football ( 119 votes )            
  2. Swimming ( 98 votes )             
  3. Pop Music ( 63 votes )            
  4. Roller Skating ( 62 votes )       
  5. BMX Biking ( 57 votes )           
  6. Home Computing ( 56 votes )       
  7. Dancing ( 54 votes )              
  8. Watching TV ( 50 votes )          
  9. Athletics ( 41 votes )            
 10. Reading ( 40 votes )              

Map of the area

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