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     This is a region of lowland in the
 lower part of the Conwy Valley between
 Conwy to the north and Rowen to the   
 south. Apart from the small village of
 HENRYD it is entirly rural, and the   
 settlement pattern is typically       
 dispersed - mostly small mixed farms  
 with the occasional inn or hotel.     
     Although it is lowland it is far  
 from uninteresting as the underlying  
 rocks include  SILURIAN GRITS which   
 are resistant enough to produce steep 
 little hills and rocky outcrops, some 
 of them reaching 350' above sea level.
 In between the valleys are filled with
 glacial deposits, mainly reddish      
 boulder clay, although glacial sands  
 also occur notably in the kame mound  
 which forms the prominent hill south  
 west of  BACLAW FARM. Many of the     
 hills are crowned with small          
 deciduous woods.                      

Map of the area

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