1986 Editor of the Cambrian News

 1.How long have you been Editor? 3yrs.
 2.When was the Cambrian News started? 
 125 yrs. ago.    3.Why is it called   
 the Cambrian News?  To do with the    
 Cambrian Mountain range.    4.How many
 people were Editors before you? Five. 
 5.What were you before you were the   
 Editor? A reporter and a sports       
 Editor. 6.Do you like living in       
 Aberystwyth? Yes I do. 7.How many     
 people do you employ? Approx. 120     
 8.How many articles do you have to    
 discard? 15% 9.What type of articles  
 do you look for? The ones that are of 
 most appeal to readers. 10.How many   
 papers do you sell in a week? 25030   
 11.When do you sell most papers? When 
 there is a royal visit. 12.Where is   
 the Cambrian News Headquarters? We    
 have offices in various parts of      
 Wales. 13.Do you think this office is 
 situated in a good position? Yes.     

Map of the area

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