Most of the houses in our area have   
 been built since the middle of the    
 20th century, although some of the    
 terraces are older and the housing    
 estates are very modern.There are no  
 tower blocks of flats to be seen and  
 there are very few farmhouses.        
   Many of the estates we visited were 
 very large council estates which had  
 been constructed before the Second    
 World War when Llanelli was a booming 
 industrial town.                      
   We only saw two blocks of flats and 
 they were only two storeys high.Most  
 of the houses were semi-detatched and 
 on the new housing estates there were 
 some large,red bricked detatched      
 houses.We discovered that most of the 
 terraced houses lined the main roads. 
 ......(written by Rhian Griffiths,    
 Claire Rosser,Claire Wakefield,       
 Christopher Richards+Hywel Dennick)   

Map of the area

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