We examined the "Llanelii Star"       
 newspaper in July 1985.The headlines  
 stated that the local Buckley's       
 Brewery were trying to fight off a    
 takeover bid from another firm.       
 The famous Llanelli Male Voice Choir  
 hsd the prime picture spot which      
 showed them recording their latest    
 The front page also contains stories  
 about the train of the future called  
 "The Sprinter" which is to serve the  
 West Wales line.                      
 The inside pages have stories about   
 the local council having to borrow    
 money because 99% of the rates have   
 gone to pay debts.                    
 There are reports of vandalism,theft  
 and incidents of violence in the area.
 The sports page includes articles on  
 local soccer,cricket and boxing.      

Map of the area

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