1986 Events: Miners' strike.

 The miners' strike of 1984/85 started 
 in Yorkshire.It was caused by the     
 threat of closure to uneconomic pits. 
 Miners were led by their union leader,
 Arthur Scargill.These strikes quickly 
 spread across the country with miners 
 travelling to other pits,to picket    
 their workers until they also joined  
 the strike.Cynheidre Colliery joined  
 the strike on March 12th 1984,after   
 picketing.Community spirit was strong 
 during the strike,with neighbour      
 helping neighbour.Food parcels were   
 distributed to every striking miner,  
 from money donated throughout the     
 country.The strike dragged on for over
 a year,until workers desperate for    
 money drifted back to work.Cynheidre  
 workers ended their strike on March   
 5th 1985.Since the strike many        
 uneconomic pits have been closed.     

Map of the area

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