1986 Energy at Cynheidre Colliery

 Cynheidre Colliery is the most western
 of the South Wales collieries.It is a 
 deep mine comprising 25 to 30 miles of
 tunnel in use at all times.Cynheidre  
 was opened in 1962.It produces grade  
 1A anthracite coal.It is the best     
 quality coal in the world.60% is for  
 domestic use.The remaining 40% is for 
 industrial use.                       
 10,000 tonnes of coal mixture is      
 brought up from underground each week.
 Half of this is waste.The coal is     
 separated from the waste and sent to  
 the washery,where it is cleaned and   
 sorted into different sizes before    
 There are three shifts at Cynheidre.  
 The average output per man,per shift  
 is 7 tonnes.                          

Map of the area

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