1986 Pollution at Cynheidre.

 Cynheidre Colliery produces a minimal 
 amount of pollution.Methane gas is    
 pumped out from underground and       
 discharged into the atmosphere.It has 
 to be removed from the underground    
 passages in the interest of safety.A  
 build up of methane gas underground   
 could cause an explosion and lives    
 would be lost.                        
 During the extraction of coal a lot of
 waste products are removed.These are  
 tipped on land adjacent to the        
 colliery and grassed over.            
 After washing the coal the chemically 
 treated slurry is put into settling   
 ponds.After a certain time the water  
 is taken off the top and diverted into
 rivers.This water has a slight        
 dilution of chemicals.When the slurry 
 ponds are full the contents are       
 emptied and mixed with cement before  
 being put on the coal tips.           

Map of the area

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