1986 Science and Technology.(1)

 The waste products from Cynheidre     
 Colliery form black slurry which is   
 put into settling ponds.Chemicals are 
 added to cleanse and purify it.The    
 clean water is then pumped into the   
 river.The slurry itself is then mixed 
 with cement and tipped onto the spoil 
 heap to prevent subsidence.7 bore     
 holes have recently been sunk to find 
 a site for a new pit.                 
 Cynheidre Colliery has 4 earthquake   
 measuring machines in the area.Usually
 there are 18-20 earth tremors per day.
 When the number rises sharply it is a 
 warning,to the workers,of an imminent 
 blow out of methane gas underground.  
 The washery at Cynheidre uses closed  
 circuit television to monitor its     
 processes.Number 2 winding engine     
 operates through a mini computer.     

Map of the area

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