1986 Religion Adulam Baptism.(1)

 On Feb 20th  1936 about one thousand  
 people assembled in the vicinity of   
 the Felinfoel baptismal pool in the   
 river Lliedi when six candidates,     
 converts of the recent evangelical    
 mission conducted at Adulam Baptist   
 Chapel by Miss Beryl E.De.Vine,the    
 Tasmanian ex_dancehall girl evangelist
 ,were baptised by immersion. There    
 remained a coating of ice around the  
 pool,sufficient indication of the icy 
 cold temperature of the water.The     
 converts seemed to be unperturbed.    
      A Carmarthenshire County Council 
 road and bridge widening scheme       
 involved the pool which had been the  
 scene of thousands of baptisms since  
 the establishment of Adulam Chapel 227
 years earlier. An agreement took place
 between the chapel and the council to 
 build a new pool when the building of 
 the road and bridge was finished.     

Map of the area

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