1986 Entertainment Choir Music.

 One cold morning in February 1985, I  
 woke up looking forward to going to   
 the H.T.V.Studios at Cardiff with the 
 Hywel Girls Choir.We arrived at 11.00.
 We were shown to our dressing rooms   
 and told to be ready by 11.20.        
 Everybody met in the waiting room, and
 at 11.30 we were taken to the studio  
 where all the lights and cameras were 
 on standby - ready to film us. The    
 director placed us in our positions   
 and we started singing. We had to sing
 seven songs in Welsh and one in       
 English.  When we had finished, it was
 about 17.30. but we didn't get home   
 until 20.00.  When we went to the next
 choir practice, Mr.Williams (the choir
 master),said we had sung well,and that
 we would be on T.V.the next Friday    

Map of the area

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