1986 Arts and Crafts Sculpture(2)

  In 1979 Adriano gained entry to the  
 Dyfed College of Art.  He completed a 
 four year diploma course in two years.
 A modest and simple man whose sculp-  
 tures reveal the keen appreciative    
 eye of the artist;  his sensitivity in
 design and the creativity of the      
 craftsman.  His work can be found in  
 America and most European countries.He
 uses various materials;terracotta,cold
 cast,wood,cement,bronze & aluminium.At
 the moment he is completing a set of' 
 Craftsmen 'sculptures.                
 The Doubler      Ty Elwyn, Llanelli.  
 The Coalface                          
 The Blacksmith   Elinor Jones ,H.T.V. 
 The Copper Miner Cardiff Ind. Museum. 
 The Coal Mine    Cardiff Ind. Museum. 
 The Cooper                            
 The Slate Cutter                      
 DOES FOR HIMSELF.                     

Map of the area

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