1986 Fashion in Llanelli.

   Fashion in Llanelli is largely      
 influenced by the large chain stores. 
  Women's trousers are short to the    
 shin,and are patterned or plain or    
 self-decorated by the wearer.Jackets  
 are white with short sleeves and every
 body wears them.They are very smart.  
 Blouses have collars to enable people 
 to wear their own ties,again often    
 created from any material by the      
 individual.Some of this years skirts  
 are mini skirts,while others are long 
 and flared.Occasionally tight skirts  
 are noticed.Skirts are made in a      
 variety of materials,with leather     
 being very popular.                   
 People's hair is now cut short or just
 under the shoulders.Long hair seems to
 be out of fashion.Very few "punk"hair 
 styles are seen.Men's wear consists   
 mainly of Jeans and shirts,sports     
 jackets and trousers.                 

Map of the area

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