1986 Llanelli Directory.

  This block comprises the main        
 shopping and commercial areas of the  
 Borough of Llanelli.It also includes  
 all the Civic Buildings,most of the   
 Schools, the Hospital,Churches and    
 Chapels and the Rugby and Soccer      
 Grounds.There is also a great deal of 
 derelict land awaiting reclamation.   
 Large uncovered pedestrianised        
 shopping area.Covered and Street      
 market.Market Days Thursday and       
 Saturday.Early closing Tuesday.       
 Entertainment Centre with three       
 cinemas and one Theatre.Sea front     
 promenade being developed.Several     
 Industrial Estates for light          
 industries.Two multi-storey car       
 parks,surface parking.Town            
 Motto_"Ymlaen Llanelli"meaning        
 "Forward Llanelli."                   

Map of the area

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