1986 Children's Games 2 (Pembrey)

  Starting a game                      
 All the children stand in a ring and  
 put one foot out. Then the child who  
 sings the rhyme touches every foot    
 while singing the rhyme. The foot     
 touched when "Out!" is said, leaves   
 the ring. This is repeated until one  
 is left and that child is "On it".    
 Off to London                         
 This is a chasing game. The person on 
 it turns his back on the others. The  
 rest of the children stand in a       
 straight line and wait for him to say 
 "Off to London 123". On hearing these 
 words the children run up to the one  
 who's on it. When he turns round they 
 all stop. If someone moves he goes    
 back to the start, the others continue
 the game until one touches the caller.

Map of the area

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