1986 Church Hall - its uses 1

  Playgroup is run by Una Stout,Billy  
 Clark and Shiela Willshere. Children  
 go there to learn to paint and sing   
 and clap and learn how to play nicely 
 .They have a story read to them as    
 well.Playgroup opens at nine oclock   
 and finishes at twelve oclock.        
  Brownies is run by Mrs.Kelly and     
 Mrs.Graham.There are about fourteen   
 brownies.Brownies is held every Friday
 night after school. They have games   
 and they make things and go for nature
  Cubs is run by John.Taylor and       
 Jackie.Joughin .Cubs start at six     
 oclockand finish at half past         
 seven.The Cubs play games,do a bit of 
 runningand lots of other things.      
  Guides start at seven oclock and     
 finish at nine oclock.They play games 
 and go outside and go for nature walks
 and make things.                      

Map of the area

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