It was built in 1962 and finished in  
 1963.It employs thirteen men who      
 provide a twenty four hour service.   
 One shift starts at 4p.m.,oneshift at 
 11p.m. and one shift at 9a.m.The      
 repeater station is to repeat the     
 calls from  Tuckerton in America      
 and  Beaver Harbour in Canada .They   
 repeat the calls on the amplifiers.The
 cable to Beaver Harbour  has 182      
 repeaters which are 20 miles apart.The
 cable to  Tuckerton has 473 repeaters 
 which are 6 miles apart.              
    The American cable is an inch thick
 and the Canadian cable is an inch and 
 a half thick.The Canadian line is     
 covered in armour which is copper in  
 the centre,then a layer of            
 polythene/plastic,then copper again   
 and then it has signal lines and      
 strengthening wires.                  

Map of the area

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