1986 Wenford Clay Dries

     The clay dries are about 100 years
 old. The clay is used for making      
 paper, toothpaste, rubberboots, pills 
 and makeup. The English China Clay    
 firm owns Wenford Clay Dries. The clay
 comes from Stannon and goes though    
 underground pipes to Wenford. Lorries 
 come from St Austell and takes the    
 clay to ships at Fowey. There are     
 around 30 men who work at Wenford.But 
 only 10 men work at the same time     
 because there are 4 shifts. English   
 China Clay firm  is the biggest firm  
 producing clay in the world. Before   
 the clay is brought to Wenford it is  
 bleached. The liquid clay is allowed  
 to settle and then it is filtered,    
 pressed and dried in a rotary drier   
 until 90% of the water is removed.They
 take out over a million litres of     
 water a day.                          

Map of the area

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