1986 Stoneykirk Village

 This area is mainly cultivated        
 grassland and barley for feeding beef 
 and dairy cattle. Has a number of     
 farms, mostly privately owned.        
 Stoneykirk village has a population of
 approximately 150 people, including a 
 small council estate of 26 houses, a  
 village hall, a 100yr ol medium sized 
 victorian church, and the village     
 school is now used for the further    
 education of the mentally disabled. To
 the east is West Freugh airfield, an  
 M.O.D. Estblishemtn, managed by a     
 private company and used in connectin 
 with the adjacent aerial firing range 
 on land and sea. The area is flat     
 towards the sea but rises to          
 approximatly 100ft. to the west of the
 vilage. Between the A715 and the sea  
 is restricted land marked Danger Area,
 and south of this is Clayshants       
 Caravant Park and also land           

Written accounts from this D-block


Map of the area

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